Planned School District In-Service

Would your school district like to design your own graduate coursework based on your district’s needs, while choosing your own instructors, location and time that works best for your district? Through Quincy University’s PDE program, you can offer In-Service courses at an affordable price of $110 per credit hour.

Instructors must hold a Master’s Degree or higher. Courses need to be developed to meet state learning standards, and need to be approved by Quincy University’s Professional Development Committee. Graduate credits are recorded through Quincy University, and can be provided on an official transcript.

Here’s what D214 in Arlington Heights has to say about the Planned School District In-service option:

From the Instructor’s Perspective:

  • They enjoy designing their own course which includes choosing the dates, times and locations that work with their own schedules.
  • They like knowing they are filling a need for their colleagues.
  • They say they learn as much from the staff as they teach.
  • They gain a different professional growth experience teaching adults rather than teenagers.

From the Staff’s Perspective:

  • The courses are taught by their peers.
  • The courses are held in one of our seven schools, so they are local.
  • The courses are created from communicated needs of the staff.
  • The courses are affordable.
  • The staff attending classes…share the same population, parents and topics.
  • Having the courses transcripted through Quincy means they can take the transcript with them if they move on to a different district.

Quincy University’s Professional Development Coordinator ( can provide more information, and provide the forms to get you started with providing professional development within the convenience of your own district.

For more information, contact:

Shari Mulch
Professional Development Coordinator
School of Education